Boxing King – Immerse yourself in the ring with the world’s best boxer

Boxing King - Immerse yourself in the ring with the world's best boxer

Boxing is popular with many people, the Boxing King game will satisfy your passion for this subject at Tg777. This is a highly finished version slot machine with realistic 3D graphics. Come play for huge cash prizes and take home a glorious victory today.

Overview of the slot game Boxing King

Overview of the slot game Boxing King
Overview of the slot game Boxing King

The Boxing King slot machine from JILI Gaming is the hottest game in 2021, featuring a boxing theme. The game offers two types of free games that include free spins and scatter. You can achieve combos or multipliers of up to 5 rounds during the scatter phase. 

Outstanding features of Boxing King

The free spins symbol of the game is a bell that substitutes for other symbols except for the scatter symbol. The free spins symbols help you enter the free game mode, where you can win big prizes, including Mega Win, Super Win, and Super Mega Win.

If you’re a boxing enthusiast, then you must try the Boxing King slot machine. Its 3D graphics will transport you directly to the boxing ring with your favorite boxer. You can play this game to win real cash prizes and become a champion. 

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Rewards and wins 

The JILI Boxing King slot machine is a classic game that offers you 88 ways to win and a maximum bonus of 2000x. Esball EU also provides a Boxing King slot machine demo mode, allowing you to enjoy free spins and earn real money easily.

Boxing King slot machine offers the highest bonus of 2000x and has high volatility. The game has a typical 5×5 board and 88 ways to win. To win, all symbols’ pay lines must be viewed from left to right. The rule of winning points is simple – it’s the odds multiplied by the player’s bet amount and only the highest amount payline counts.

If you’re a fan of Street Fighter, you’ll love the style of this game. The game’s motto is “Punch the world!” The whole reels of WILD are for you, making it easy for you to win combos. The more combos you make during the free game, the higher the multiplier you will get. 

Instructions on how to play the Boxing King slot machine

To help you understand how to play the Boxing King slot machine, please follow these detailed instructions below.

The game starts from the first reel on the left and moves towards the right. You need to look for any symbol that appears three times in a row to win the game. The points you earn in the game will depend on the multiplier and your bet.

Instructions on how to play the Boxing King slot machine
Instructions on how to play the Boxing King slot machine

There are a total of 88 paylines in the game. It is important to note that only the payline with the highest score will be paid. Therefore, you should aim to get the highest score on that payline to win big.

Lastly, if the game encounters any errors, it is considered invalid, and you will need to start over again. So, make sure you’re playing without any technical difficulties.

Boxing King slot game multiplier

Boxing King is an exciting game that offers players a chance to increase their points by using different multipliers. These multipliers are x2, x3, x5, x6, and x8, and they are displayed on the game interface.

To increase your multiplier, you need to make combos. The more combos you make, the higher the multiplier will be. The game starts with a multiplier of x2, and it increases as you make more combos.

For each spin, there are different multipliers depending on the number of wipes you make. The first wipe has no multiplier, the second wipe has a multiplier of x2, the third wipe has a multiplier of x3, the fourth wipe has a multiplier of x5, the fifth wipe has a multiplier of x6, and the sixth wipe or any subsequent wipe has a multiplier of x8.

It’s important to note that if you fail to win a point, the combination multiplier will reset to x2, and the next spin will begin. So, it’s crucial to make as many combos as possible to increase your multiplier and win more points.

Boxing King is a game that requires skill, strategy, and a bit of luck. With the right combination of wipes and combos, you can increase your multiplier and win big.

Free spins on Boxing King slot game

Boxing King is a slot machine game that offers Free Spins mode. During this mode, if you obtain Free Spins symbol, it will not be cleared, and will remain until no more clears can be made. The bettors will then win extra free games based on the number of symbols obtained. 

Free spins on Boxing King slot game
Free spins on Boxing King slot game

However, the number is reset for the next spins. Each reel has only one Free Spins symbol, which means the maximum number of Free Spins symbols that can be obtained is 5, resulting in a maximum of 5 free games won. The number of symbols that represent free spins is equal to the number of free games won.

How to win in the Boxing King slot game

Experience the excitement of Boxing King slot by taking advantage of the free games. This thrilling game features numerous full column wilds, which can lead to even bigger wins. Additionally, the free spins can increase the number of rounds and the multiplier bonuses can be earned for consecutive eliminations. 

As you continue to play, the cumulative bonus will increase, providing even more chances for significant payouts. If you’re looking to win the JILI Slot Machine Jackpot, you’re in luck. 

This machine is renowned for its high bonuses, excellent Return to Player (RTP) rate, and owning the most Jackpot machines. As a player, you’ll have ample opportunities to receive satisfactory bonuses and potentially even hit the jackpot.

The Boxing King Slot Machine is an ideal choice for players with different budgets. Its volatility rate can be adjusted based on the allocation of funds. Moreover, this slot machine allows players to change the volatility level at any time and from anywhere, thereby increasing the chances of winning big prizes.


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