Super ACE – Play for fun, get great rewards easily

Super ACE - Play for fun, get great rewards easily

Super ACE is an online game published by JILI Game. You just need to collect 3 scatter points to receive free spins and bring in extremely large bonuses. The highest multiplier of JILI Slot Game is 1500X, so it has been considered the easiest game to win money among slot games in the Philippines. In the article below, TG777 will introduce details to you.

Overview of the game Super ACE

Super ACE is a slot machine from TaDa Gaming. Based on the number of players searching for it worldwide, this game is not a popular slot game. However, in the Philippines, JILI’s Super ACE stands at the top as a special phenomenon, attracting the attention of both veteran players and newcomers to this world. With a unique combination of luck and entertainment, this game has quickly become an ideal destination on leading platforms like TG777.

Overview of the game Super ACE
Overview of the game Super ACE

What makes this game attractive is not only the attractive gameplay but also the beautiful images and valuable rewards. Whether you are an experienced player or just a beginner in the world of online casinos, Super ACE is still the ideal choice for you to explore.

Regarding basic gameplay, it is built to suit all audiences. The rules of the game are simple but still ensure that each turn will bring excitement and challenge to participants. Players must make appropriate strategic decisions, each of which can affect the final outcome of the game. This balance between luck and strategy creates an atmosphere of suspense. In particular, the games offer the opportunity to win and receive great rewards for you.

Advantages of Super ACE

Advantages of Super ACE
Advantages of Super ACE

To become the hottest game in the Philippines, Super ACE must certainly possess the highlights of Jili’s slot games:

Great graphics and design

JILI is famous as a publisher that pays attention to detail and quality. This is shown in this game. In this game there are impressive graphics and animations that bring a vivid experience when playing online betting. From the vibrant colors to the smooth animations, every aspect of the game’s design contributes to a great gaming experience.

Extreme sound

The sound experience in Super ACE is as engaging as the visuals. The background music and sound effects are meticulously crafted to add excitement to the game. From the sound of flipping cards to the sound of winning, it all adds another layer of realism to the game.

Mobile compatible

In the development of the technological age, it is very important that games are compatible with mobile devices. Accordingly, this game also keeps up with this pace and allows players to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Regardless of whether it’s free moments at home or long trips, you can participate.

Attractive reward system

Super ACE offers a super attractive reward system that enhances the gaming experience. You will have the opportunity to increase your chances of winning, creating motivation to continue playing. With each round, players can earn points, unlock achievements, and receive prizes that add to the excitement of the game.

JILI Super Ace slot machine features and symbols

JILI Super Ace slot machine features and symbols
JILI Super Ace slot machine features and symbols

This card-themed slot game is loved by many people. With just 3 scatter symbols, you can participate in the free spins game in the easiest way:

Payment desk

When you land three or more symbols in this game, you will unlock the free games feature. There will be ten free spins in total. There is also something called “Combo Multiplier” behind the scenes in Free Games. This complex system consists of four levels, each more impressive than the last. It starts with x2 multiplier but then the combined multiplier increases up the ranks to x4, x6 and finally culminates at x10.

You should note that although the free game operates in a simple way, the appearance of combination coefficients has upgraded the game to a new level. This amazing feature has the potential to increase your winnings beyond belief. If by some stroke of luck you land three symbols in the free game, the game will give you five more free spins which you can stack for more chances to win than.

Joker card

In this exciting slot game, there is a special symbol called the “Joker Symbol”. It will appear when the “Golden Symbol” is removed. The Joker symbol comes in two different forms: the “Big Joker Card” and the humble “Little Joker Card.” If you land the “Big Joker Symbol”, it means that one to four other symbols on reels two to five (excluding the Scatter and Joker Symbols) will be replaced by the “Big Joker Symbol”.

But if you suddenly receive the “Little Joker Symbol,” the “Golden Symbol” will magically transform into the almighty “Joker Symbol.” “Joker symbol” can substitute for any other symbol except the Scatter symbol. So, keep your eyes peeled for it and see if it can help you win big in this amazing game!

Yellow card

The appearance of yellow cards increases the appeal of the game. This is a rare and mystical symbol that can only be found on reels 2, 3 and 4. 

Encountering this card means a magical change: it will flip back to its original position and become “Joker Card”, increasing your chances of winning. 

Even though the Yellow Card seems similar to the Normal Card, getting rid of it is no different than a test of your gambling prowess and luck. Prepare for the ultimate challenge and see if you have what it takes to get the Golden Card and win the reels.

Exclusion coefficient

In this game, the elimination coefficients are displayed as x1, x2, x3 and x5. As follows:

  • The match starts each spin calculated from x1.
  • During each spin in the first prize winning match, the Elimination Multiplier of the second match can increase by one level to x2.
  • During each spin in the 2nd prize win, the Elimination Multiplier of the third match can increase by one level x3.
  • During each winning 3rd match spin, the Elimination Multiplier of the fourth (and subsequent) match can increase by one level to x5.
  • If no more turns can be made then the Elimination Multiplier will return to level one, x1, and move on to the next spin.

Hopefully the above information has helped you understand more about super ACE. Please register an account at TG777 to participate today for a chance to receive extremely attractive rewards.

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